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  Being Agile takes wisdom, passion, courage, a desire to be better and openness, especially to change  


WeBeAgile was founded in January, 2006 by Russell Pannone.

WeBeAgile mantra: 
"Do more listening and less talking while we iteratively and incrementally plan a little, develop and deliver, check/study our value-added and adapt"

Russell's passion is working with others as we collaboratively and adaptively develop value-added product increments in a  continuous flow from requirements to deployment.

His work in the systems-software development and delivery industry spans over 32 years in a variety of roles including developer, team leader, object modeler, data modeler, agile coach and practitioner, scrum master, project manager, process engineer, and instructor.


He has led agile/lean product development and delivery projects and worked with clients in a variety of industries including state and local government, aerospace, mobile banking, insurance, energy, and telecommunications.


You may contact Russell at rpannone@webeagile.com.

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