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  Being Agile takes wisdom, passion, courage, a desire to be better and openness, especially to change  


"Enduring hardship, we are enlivened, challenged, forced to find who we are and what we are made of, but most importantly we now know what it fells like to experience a failed business venture, a relationship gone wrong, a loved one dying. We are wiser, stronger, and even changed by the experience. In the end, going through the hell of it, brings us to the heaven of it. And between hell and heaven is a magnificent story."
"So really, every path we travel holds an experience. Therefore, no matter what path we take we are always right?" "Yes, it's not the path you tread, it's how you tread the path. Do you want to tread this or that path? Do or don't. It doesn't matter, for eventually all paths are treated by the multiple you's in the concept of space and time."
- Susan D. Kalior
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